Take Charge of Your Melanated Skin’s Health While Empowering Others to Do the Same

Taking the opportunity to celebrate our melanin is a beautiful thing.

But ... While we all love our skin, many of us don’t know how to take care of it when something’s wrong. And that’s not our fault – many dermatologists don’t know how to treat our melanated skin either.

Here’s the thing: Only 3% of dermatology practitioners are Black, and our skin appears in only 4.5% of the examples included in medical textbooks.

So, what does that mean?

The same dermatologists who can detect skin cancer on fairer skin early on may miss the signs on our melanated skin. That’s why the 5-year melanoma survival rate is 70% for Black patients and 94% for white patients.

While these stats may be scary, WE have the power to take our skin’s health back into our own hands. And Melalogic gives us the power to do just that.

Melalogic is a web app that harnesses the power of AI to give you access to a source of skin health information from trusted professionals who look like you.

This app gives you access to dermatologists who specialize in Black skin, as well as the ability to receive instant feedback on your skin issues and track your skin’s health over time.


Here’s how it works:


A Little About You

We need your contact info in case we have questions or concerns. Don’t worry, your information is safe and cyber-secured!

Skin Conerns

Tell us about your skin concerns

This helps us quickly diagnose you.

Photo Uplaod

Upload your images

Add photos of your skin issue, and if you’d like, tag them with your suspected or previously diagnosed condition. Your photos are and tiny bit of personal information are safe and cyber-secured, too.

Simple enough, right?

Left Side

We're working on powering our AI so Melalogic can give you instant answers to your skin care questions so you’re not struggling to find photos of skin that looks like yours on Google.

But here’s the thing: AI relies on datasets. And the more accurate the dataset, the more effective the AI.

So, we need your assistance.

The more photos in our Black Skin Health AI Dataset, the more our AI knows about black skin health issues. And the more our AI knows, the more Melalogic can help our people find answers to their skin questions.

That’s why we’re asking for images of common skin concerns to build our dataset. Of course, your donated images are safe, and cyber-secured. They also go a long way toward helping us help you, as well as our other users.

Now, we know empowering yourself to take proper care of your skin while also empowering others to do the same is a huge reward in itself. But we’re taking it a step further.

Right Side

Get Rewarded


As a thank you for helping us build our dataset, we're providing you with access to a list of 90 black dermatologists (currently, U.S. Based only) which enables you to connect with dermatologists to discuss your skin concerns.

You’ll also get access to our FREE Black skin health tips eCalendar.

This eCalendar gives you monthly skin care tips, so you can further your knowledge and understanding of your skin’s health. To get the calendar, just sign up, open the link we email you and the eCalendar will sync to your Apple or Google calendar on your phone.

So ... ready to take charge of your skin’s health while giving other melanated folks a chance to do the same? Tap the button below to get started.