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Meet Your Melanated Skin’s New Best Friend

Picture this:

You notice a weird bump on your skin, so you do a quick Google search to find out what’s going on.

You look through the images Google suggests, trying to figure out what the bump is. But there’s a problem – nobody in the pictures looks like you and nobody’s skin looks like yours.

And that’s precisely why I created Melalogic – so we can have viable skincare solutions for us (and by us).

Melalogic is a web app that harnesses the power of AI to give our community a source of skin health information from trusted professionals who look like us.

With this app, you gain instant access to key info about a host of skincare issues, including acne, eczema, razor bumps, keloids, sun damage, alopecia and various skin cancers.

Facts about Black skin health
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As a Melalogic user, you’ll also help build the Black Skin Health AI Dataset while getting your skincare questions answered.

When you upload a photo of your skin issue, you’ll receive instant feedback (instant functionality to come) about what your issue may be, as well as suggestions on how to treat it. PLUS, your photo will help build our AI dataset, which strengthens our AI and fuels our AI-powered dermatology research and pre-diagnoses, so you get an even better user experience.

Ready to better understand how to treat and maintain your wonderfully melanated skin?

We got you! Hit the button below to become a Melalogic user.